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Rules of Engagement for Lead Distribution

Lead Classes

Leads provided by Global Premier Benefits are free to our contracted agents.  However, there are rules governing the distribution and possession of leads.

GPB leads fall into three classes:

Preferred Leads

Preferred leads are any direct market lead including Aging-in, Medicare Changes, Veteran, LIS, Diabetic, etc less than 30 days old. We may from time to time introduce additional opportunities outside of our normal direct market channel. For example, internet leads. We will notify agents accordingly.


Cigna Leads

From time to time Cigna Health Spring will provide us leads. Cigna leads include Cigna BRCs (business reply cards) and Cigna PDP BRC at this time.

Follow-up/Start-up leads

Follow-up leads are any of our lead sources that have either been in inventory for more than 30 days or have been assigned to an agent but not contacted for more than 30 days. Follow up leads are a great way to supplement an agents existing pipeline and can be requested any time. The lead department will review the agent’s current inventory of leads as well as the company’s inventory and accommodate accordingly.

Lead Distribution

New Agent Lead Assignments

Field Agent Leads  

Assignment rules:

  • As a new agent with Global Premier Benefits, you will receive up to 100 startup leads in the city or cities of your choice.
  • Thereafter, you can receive 5 new leads for every paid sale upon your request. Request 5 for 1 leads via the GPB website. Look for “Associates tab”, “order leads”, “order 5 for 1″. Follow up with the Lead Department at leads@globalpremierbenefits if you have not received leads in your ZOHO/Lead Gateway account after 48 hours.

Distribution methods:

  • Leads will be distributed to your ZOHO or Lead Gateway account. ZOHO costs of $45/month, Lead Gateway $25/month. This will provide you with access to:


  • Web-based CRM with access to leads and sales tools
  • Mobile app compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems.
  • Click here for more details.

Lead Gateway:

  • Web-based CRM with access to leads
  • Click here for more details.


Call Center Agent Leads

Assignment rules:

As a new call center agent with Global Premier Benefits, you will receive 100 startup leads in states in which you are currently licensed.

Thereafter, you can receive 5 new leads for every sale.  You do not need to requests these leads.  New leads are distributed automatically between Saturday and Monday based upon sales for the prior week.  Any chargebacks are deducted from your subsequent lead allocations.

Distribution method:

ZOHO/Lead Gateway are mandatory for telesales agents.  You will find all new leads in your “My Brand New Leads Folder” in ZOHO.

Lead Possession

At the end of the day, GPB owns any lead sourced by the company.  From time to time and as we grow our company, we have the right to amend, change or suspend the rules of engagement to accommodate and further the growth of the company. We will notify all agents if any change to the rules of engagement are to be implemented as soon as possible.  At this time the lead possession rules are as follows.


  • Any new (Pending/Unassigned) lead showing no lead activity for 7 or more days is subject to reassignment.


  • Thereafter, any GPB sourced lead with no lead activity of 14 days or greater will be subject to reassignment.


  • Leads statused “Awaiting AEP” will not be subject to reassignment. However, we will be spot checking ZOHO for an unusual amount of “Awaiting AEP” statusing. Trying to build a pipeline for future AEP season is great, hording leads is not.


  • Any lead, excluding status “Awaiting AEP” showing no activity for more than 30 days can be reassigned as a follow up lead.

Follow-up Lead Assignments

Follow-up leads are available by request. A review will be made on the current number of viable leads for the agent making the request.

Morale Hazards

Our offer of free leads to our agents is predicated upon the assumption that Global Premier Benefits will generate cash flow through overrides on the production by our agents.   The structure of our lead program is based upon the presumption that agents will make an honest effort to service our customers and provide only products offered through their contracting with Global Premier Benefits.

If it is found that agents are engaging in fallacious documentation of leads for the purpose of gaining access to unearned leads and/or selling Medicare products not offer through Global Premier Benefits, we will be required to take corrective action. These actions can range from suspension of lead distribution to termination of the agents contracts.

Please act in good faith so that we can collective enjoy the benefits of our labor.